Rhodri Marsden (rhodri) wrote in london_hurts,
Rhodri Marsden

A collaborative poem

As a Londoner, I felt that it was important to do my bit. Feel free to add to this poem of hope by using the comments facility below. I have attempted to use iambic pentameter, in tribute to the great William Shakespeare. I haven't quite sorted out all the words yet, but I'm sure you'll come up with suitable suggestions. The first two verses are below.

This is not the London that de-dum,
A tum-te-tum behindst the thingy um,
O! Glory has our something tum-te-tee,
And der-de-der prefer cheddar to brie.

The moving zdzdz of the something towers
And dum-de-dum-de Red Ken's magic powers
Thingy dongy weeping pubs of old
Old Father Thames is really very cold

Carry on.

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