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Protest against the Chinese Fur Trade

Sincere apologies if no-one's interested... but if just one person is... etc

Worldwide Day of Protest against the Chinese Fur Trade, 13 February 2006
London Demo, meet 12 noon, at Embassy of People's Republic of China, 49-51 Portland Place, London W1N 3AH. (nearest Tube Oxford Circus or Regents Park)

The fur industry is one of the world's cruellest, and China is the source of most of the world's fur products. In the absence of any legislation or government control, animals in the Chinese fur industry are subject to the most extreme forms of abuse. Investigations of fur farms in China have exposed shocking methods of trapping, transportation, confinement and killing. The species being used include not only typical sources of fur such as rabbits, foxes, minks and raccoons, but also domestic dogs and cats, whose furs are ofte n being deliberately mislabelled and exported as fur from other species. More than 40 million animals are killed each year for their fur.

For more information on the Chinese fur industry please refer to the these websites: - A Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms, China's Dog and Cat Fur Trade - Video. Warning: highly disturbing images

In protest at China's reluctance to act against the horrific treatment of animals in its fur industry, an international day of protest will take place on Monday, 13 February 2006 in front of Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide. Organizations and individuals from all over the world are invited to join this initiative. Please pass on the call, join an existing vigil, or or ganize one in your area or country. Wearing black is recommended. For details of other protests around the world see
London Vigil, from 12 noon, Monday February 13th, at the Chinese Embassy,
49-51 Portland Place, W1.

NB remember this is a demo against China's role in the fur trade, not against Chinese people in general. If we are to have any hope of influencing the Chinese government, any racist or xenophobic behaviour will be counterproductive and unacceptable.

Please write polite letters to the Chinese Ambassador:

Chinese Ambassador in the UK
Name: Mr Zha Peixin
Address: 49-51 Portland Place
London W1N 3AH
Fax: +44 (0)20 7636 2981 or (0)20 7636 5578
Salutation: Your Excellency

For details of other protests around the world s ee


CAFT is campaigning to persuade the world famous department store Harrods to cut its ties with the fur trade. Harrods store in Knightsbridge is the largest department store in Europe, and is now the only major department store in the UK which sells fur, following decisions by rivals Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Liberty to stop selling fur and adopt a fur-free policy.

Protesters will be returning to Harrods on a regular basis to remind the public of the stores ties with the fur trade. If you are interested in getting involved, contact CAFT

Meanwhile please take action. Politely email, phone, fax, write to Harrods to request that it takes the compassionate decision to once again stop the sale of all real animal fur and adopt a fur-free policy. Remember to point out that fur farming is illegal in the UK, so they should come into line with the wishes of the British public and the democratic will of Parliament.

If you get any replies please forward them to us.

Harrods Ltd 87-135 Brompton Road
London SW1X 7XL
Telephone 020 7730 1234
Fax 020 7581 0470

Harrods Corporate Service
+44 (0)20 7225 5843

Other email addresses

Joseph Ltd campaign continues

Joseph Ltd is a London-based chain of fashion shops, with 60 outlets in 5 countries. Joseph shops sell coats and other products made from real animal fur, despite the fact that fur farming has been made illegal in the UK where the company is based.

With so many shops in different countries Joseph is a major contributor to the brutal international fur trade, making blood money profits literally from the backs of tortured and murdered animals.

UK activists have been campaigning for several years to persuade the company about the horrors of the fur trade, in recent months activists from the USA, France, Ireland and Japan have also held protests against Joseph outlets there. In Autumn there was a co-ordinated worldwide day of action with protests at Joseph outlets in 6 cities in 5 countries, to see a report click here.

Regular protests against Joseph shops in London have continued throughout the winter and will continue through the rest of the year too until the company cuts its ties with the fur trade, to get involved please contact us

You can also help by contacting Joseph and politely requesting that they stop selling fur in all their stores and adopt a fur-free policy. See below for the full list of Joseph outlets

Head Office
Joseph Ltd Head Office
Unit 11, Piper Centre,
50, Carnwath Rd,
London, SW6 3JX
Tel: 020 7736 2522,
Fax 020 7736 1644.
Sarah Lipman is PA (personal assistant) to Joseph's directors

74 Sloane Avenue,
020 7590 6200,
fax 020 7584 9384
Imogen Crosby is the head of press and communications at Joseph Ltd

Joseph outlets in the UK. (see below for outlets in France, USA, Japan and Ireland)

Stores: London
23 Old Bond Street
London, W1X 3DA
Tel: 020 7629 3713

** Remember, the more people that contact stores selling real fur, the more likely the company is to withdraw the fur. It is imperative that we all put as much press ure on the fur trade as possible, to ensure we see an end to this vile and barbaric industry

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