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Random C

...anyone else notice that the tube was *really* quiet today?
I came through Oxford Circus at 9am and went back through it at 5:30, and I could have had a seat both times. Normally coming into work at that time I walk to the office because Victoria tube is shut due to overcrowding and a crowd is gathering by the gates, so that's one hell of a difference. There wasn't even someone stood by the station shouting about Jesus.
It wasn't that quiet on the 8th last year. I'm hoping there was some big walk-to-work thing I missed hearing about, because otherwise, it means people were staying off the tube because they were scared something was going to happen again and *that* is an idea that hurts.
It's not bombers that are making people scared, because if it was, they would have been scared last year when it happened, and what I remember is everyone joking about it and giving directions to lost tourists. They'd be scared every day, not just when they're reminded to be. What's making people scared is the media, interviewing people who were a bit blown up and going on and on about how terrible it was. It's like nobody remembers the IRA or any number of times random nutjobs have chosen to blow up bits of London. It seems to me that the media are doing a better job of being terrorists than any number of bombers managed before.
I can't say I wasn't worried on my way to work this morning. I was worried that my Oystercard had expired and I'd not noticed, and I was worried that I was going to overheat and get ill because I'd forgotten my bottle of water and didn't have enough change to buy one. Getting on a half-deserted tube was worse than that, because I lost a bit of my faith in Londoners. What happened to the tea and the unity and the defiance?
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