Neely O'Hara (cleanlikegod) wrote in london_hurts,
Neely O'Hara

Two comments-

Where was our badass lj community two years ago?
I'm sure someone made one, but it was probably chock full of yellow ribbon magnets, eagle pictures and animated american flag .gifs

Secondly- I know that we Americans have proven ourselves to be the laughingstock of the country by reelecting Bush, but why the hell did you guys vote for Tony Blair? I mean. we can blame it on our stupidity, but
that is not really as valid an excuse over there *points*
Don't you think he likes to lick George's balls just a little too much?
It's like they're joined at the hip.

And didn't other countries send troops to Iraq?
Why go after England?
I mean. hmm..
Are there many Muslims in England?
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